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Heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability*, and gross motion. Cardi/o’s redundant sensing system reduces instances of false alarms that are common in other pad and wearable sensors.
The system automatically detects cardio-respiratory signs within 10-20 seconds of plug-in.
Cardi/o is currently designed to track one person’s heart and respiratory rates at a time.
More than one Cardio monitor can be used in the same room, as long as the monitors’ field of views (FoV) are not crossing.
Yes, you can track up to three (3)* monitor displays from one smart device.
Cardi/o can track heart and respiratory signals from any side of the body and within the 45 degree field of view (FoV). Industry standards recommend that baby monitors be placed on a dresser or table at least 3 feet away from where the child will be sleeping or playing.
The sensor will detect and filter motion while tracking heart and respiratory rates. If more than one person is in the field of view of the sensor, the system will alert you of the disturbance.
Yes, lighting is not a factor for continuous tracking.
Yes, as long as she remains in the monitor’s 45 degree field of view (FoV).
No, Cardi/o senses and filters motion while tracking heart and respiratory signals. So you can see him moving, but also see how his cardio signals remain in his normal range.

0.08uW/cm^2…or lower than the typical household wireless router or FM radio/tv (which are each appx 1 uW/cm^2). Compare with common household appliances. Download this RF Safety White Paper for technical information.

Yes, we’ve conducted thousands of tests on people of all ages up to 85 years old, including children from 0-5 yrs in controlled settings. Many of the children included in our testing were from our own families who have now outgrown the 0-5 yr age group and continue thriving.
Touchless monitoring is non-invasive and safer than wearables, especially as babies grow and become increasingly active and start putting objects in their mouths.
…Which means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, safety, and accuracy…
…Which means you have a longer product usefulness, and better investment for the entire family.

*Enhancement feature subject to Cardi/o model, and may require App upgrade.

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If you’ve ever experienced having a preemie in the NICU like our parents, you’ll appreciate never having to attach another device to your child again if you can help it, and the peaceful monitoring that Cardi/o can provide at home. Sleep well.

Live More, Wearable Less.