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The day we discovered Cardi/o™ captured heart rate signals clear across the room, we knew it was a huge leap for baby monitoring systems since the camera was introduced 30 years ago into nurseries and daycares. But we couldn’t have known the immense comfort our discovery would give caregivers, especially parents of preemies.

At a time when higher than 1 in 10 babies are born preterm (earlier than 37 weeks), and the “sandwich generation” is taking on more custodial responsibilities, people need even more help at home with caregiving. And while worry-free caregiving will always be fanciful, we’re glad we can help bring some tangible peace of mind, and hopefully better rest for you.

We hope you enjoy Cardi/o™ as your personal caregiving assistant, and we look forward to hearing your stories about the product.

The Parents (and Engineers)
of Advanced TeleSensors

About Advanced TeleSensors, Inc.

Advanced TeleSensors is the leading expert in reflectometric signal processing, pioneering Cardi/o™, the world’s first remote cardiac-respiratory sensor for commercial use.

While remote, non-invasive physiological sensing has been an aspiration of science and academic communities for decades, the founders of Advanced TeleSensors – a group of CalTech scientists – were quietly incubating a contactless Radio Frequency (RF) technology which originated under a CalTech-managed program at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The use of Cardi/o™ across broad, real-world scenarios such as autonomous driving, baby monitoring, longevity & wellness, artificial intelligence, and industrial applications will profoundly enhance daily living and wellness. Advanced TeleSensors intends to lead the new touchless evolution of physiological monitoring with new Cardi/o™ product iterations for years to come.

Our Mission: To Measure Life Better

It’s a mission we live by as we design and engineer products that transform ordinary routines into extraordinary gains in knowledge, health, and lifestyle. And giving people an easier way to access everyday health choices makes the late nights and seemingly impossible tasks more bearable knowing we’re positively impacting lives today and of future generations.

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