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Auto-captures heart and respiratory rates at a distance.

No wearable required.

Sleep, stretch, dress, eat, drive, type…

Live more, wearable less.

Automate wellness.
A personal cardiac assistant that works for you.

Hack your wearable routine.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Every parent knows the emotional pull of the 2AM wellness checks that seem unending the first few months after bringing baby home. Cardi/o™ can now give relief to tired caregivers that just want to know that baby is well. A quick glance at the Cardi/o™ app on your smart device will show heart and respiratory rates so you can have peace of mind and fall asleep faster, and get the necessary rest to stay healthy, too.



Not everyone enjoys wearing a health tracker every day, no matter how useful the information it provides. Cardi/o™ works without a wearable so there’s no need to remember to put on a monitor to measure heart rate. No skin irritations and discomfort for aging loved ones to deal with, and no exposing baby to safety risks involving wires. Never sacrifice comfort for health monitoring again.



Continuous interruptions are a fact of life, especially when taking care of a baby or an aging parent. Cardi/o™ puts you back in control of your day by assisting you with wellness checks right from your smart phone or tablet, so you don’t have to interrupt your other important tasks unless you decide. And not having to ever remember to strap on a wearable device just makes living every day that much sweeter.

Optimize healthy living

Touchless Cardio/Respiratory Detection

  • Displays Heart Rate (HR)
  • Displays Respiratory Rate (RR)
  • Displays Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Tracks HR/RR/HRV Through Blankets
  • Tracks HR/RR/HRV Through Darkness
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Lifetime Use

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